Outdoor crags

Munxar Valley

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The Munxar Valley has huge potential for high quality climbs because of the quality and amount of cliff face.  

Together with the Gozo Climbing Association (GCA)we have been in discussion with the Gozo Ministry and also the local landowners to open up access to this area and have been making headway. Paths are now slowly being opened along the cliffs giving access to the rock allowing climbers to open new routes.

The fact that it is located within walking distance of Xlendi makes it very attractive to develop as a climbing area, coupled with the climbs that Xlendi Bay all ready offers and the Black Slabs.  Developing this area would produce a Mecca for climbers visiting the island.  As climbing is primarily a winter activity this sport would extend the potential tourist season for the accommodation outlets and restaurants in Xlendi.

The North Coast Cliffs

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To offer a complete climbing package for local and visiting climbers Gozo needs to be able to offer long multi pitch climbs.  These are climbs that are over 60 meters in length.  The majority of climbs around the island are between 10 and 30 meters in height.  If Gozo wants to compete with other countries the GCA needs to develop a unique climbing area.  Gozo’s North coast offers these long multi pitch climbs to a climber.  

The attraction of sea cliff climbing will tempt any climber.  As this is a challenge in itself, once you have abseiled over the edge you are committed to the climb, you must climb out.  Couple this with the impressive height of the cliffs and the imposing deep-water below, this unique climbing challenge will sell Gozo.


Comino’s attraction is great summer climbing due to the cool breeze around the island, making climbing possible also during the hotter days.

The Island of Comino has a number of potential climbing areas that can be developed by the GCA.  The main area for development is Deep Water Soloing. However the sea cliffs also offer a number of classic routes and some small internal crags that can be developed for bouldering (Low level climbing with crash pads).

Deep Water Soloing

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Deep Water Soloing (DWS) is a new style of climbing, which is growing in popularity.  It is a style of climbing that offers freedom of movement without the hindrance of equipment.  Climbing sea cliffs only using the water bellow as your safety net.

Around Gozo and Comino members of the GCA have been exploring the coastline developing new routes and areas for this activity.  With these new developments a chapter for DWS has been included in the ‘Gozo Adventures Guidebook’

Deep Water Soloing Trips

The GCA will continue weekly trips to increase the number of routes and areas around Comino and Gozo’s coasts.

Signed Paths

Climbing areas need a system of signed paths to ensure that visitors are controlled and kept to designate areas thus minimising the impact of increased use. Signed paths also benefit other activities like hiking, they can include information with points of interest, history of the areas and also endemic species to watch out for.

Local Area Guide Maps

Every climbing area can have its own guidebook or map showing routes and other points of interest.
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